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Quality Home Energy Services in Central Virginia

Building Science is a Home Performance, Consulting, and Contracting firm with over 25 years of experience in diagnosing and resolving energy, comfort, moisture, mold, and indoor air quality issues.

Staying in Your Home?

Call us for a Home Performance Analysis that will evaluate and provide step-by-step energy, comfort, and air quality solutions for you. Many of our recommendations are simple and inexpensive. However, we do have the experience and capabilities to provide a full home energy upgrade.

Buying a Home?

Many home buyers have a Home Performance Analysis performed before they buy or move into a house. The Analysis helps to determine the current costs of homeownership but also provides recommendations on simple changes that will decrease monthly energy bills.

We work with Home Renovation Loans and Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) Programs of all major mortgage companies.

Building a New Home?

Send us your building plans and we can reduce your heating, cooling, and hot water expenses by 30-60% compared to the standard home built in Virginia. By reviewing your building plans with specialized software, we can insure your new home is a certified Energy Star or Earth Craft house. If you choose our WeatherWi$e program, we guarantee low heating and cooling bills with maximum home comfort.
Contact us to request an estimate for a home performance analysis to determine the condition of your home's insulation, air quality, and other related issues.