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Energy Saving Services

You need a Home Performance Analysis.

With an Analysis, we perform a series of tests designed by the U.S. Department of Energy that will scientifically locate the sources of your home's energy, comfort, humidity, and air quality problems.

During a Home Performance Analysis, we will check duct system and building leakage rates, inspect your home's insulation levels, measure levels of humidity, locate moisture sources, and check stated efficiencies of heating and cooling system. We then will provide you with a written report and a step-by-step plan of improvements in order of cost effectiveness.

Drafty House

All the hidden air leaks in your home can equal the size of an open window. BSI uses Blower Door Technology and the proper sealants to reduce these drafts. Your home can be cleaner, quieter, and cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and cheaper to heat and cool.

Leaky Ducts

The typical duct system loses 25-40% of heating and cooling energy; discomfort, high fuel bills, and moisture problems are the result. BSI seals your duct system with approved materials and tests the final product to ensure your comfort.

Home Insulation

High tech foams to low tech cellulose, BSI properly installs insulation to provide you with the greatest savings and comfort.

Heating and Cooling Systems

BSI is a master mechanical contractor and installs all types of gas, electric, and oil systems. A properly sized high efficiency system can cut your bills in half. Choosing the best fuel type and system design will ensure your comfort.

We also have the expertise to properly design heating and cooling systems for the greatest comfort and fuel efficiency.

Mold, Moisture, and Air Quality

From moisture and mold control to filtration and ventilation, BSI can make your home fresh, clean, and healthy. Moisture investigations include measuring humidity levels of the air and building materials, inspecting for signs of microbial growth, and locating moisture sources.

We offer mold testing with comprehensive written reports as well as prevention and remediation services. Both air tests and surface sampling is available to determine if mold is at harmful levels.

Air filtration systems are inspected and ventilation rates are calculated to ensure the proper amount of fresh air is provided for the occupants.
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